Colour Wheel School Set of Ten

Colour Wheel School Set of Ten
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School Set of Ten Spinners each with full set of pre-printed discs.

Science Meets Magic with Newton's Colour Wheel by Education Harbour Ltd.

Features super spinner and seven (7) pre-printed discs; each with a special effect. Recreate Sir Isaac Newton's colour wheel experiment and see colour disappear completely from the disc or combine to form different colours entirely. Another disc with straight lines magically turns into a circle and a spiral disc seems to go out to infinity. The set also includes a bonus 'Spin-the-Bottle' disc free which can be used for a variety of reasons from deciding who clears the dishes to whose turn it is to go online and order another set.

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Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to document the discovery that wht we know as 'white light' contains many colours in the late 1600's. He either did this using a prism or when he saw sun shine through a raindrop on his window. He was also the first person to suggest a colour wheel experiment.


The human eye and brain can see and perceive about 30 frames per second, similar to a video camera. Each resultant perception is known as 'integration' time. Thus when the disc is still we have plenty of time to see and perceive all of the colours. However, when the spin rate increases all three or all six colours pass by our eye in one 'integration' and the same in the next one and so on. What our eye and brain now do is add all of the colours together with a resultant solid grey with six colours or white with red/blue/green. The colour mixing disc that is also included in this pack allows this perception to be seen easily as we know what happens when yellow and blue mix - GREEN. Spin the colour mixing disc and our eyes and brain do the mixing for us.

This is, truly, science made simple, amazing, magic and cool. 

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