8 April 2024
The Great American Eclipse II. Partial in UK

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As seen on BBC TV eclipse coverage since 2015.

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Education Harbour Ltd was founded by Alan Sheridan in 2008 after six years in science communication left him frustrated by the lack of some of the right basic products to make science fun and more accesible. The first product rainbow glasses for children remain popular in great schools and are just as popular in party bags. Several other holographic diffractions products followed until a breakthrough in 2015 when the BBC chose our eclipse glasses for their own coverage. Thousands of children watched the eclipse safely thanks to our hard work. The rest of 2015 was spent working on the development of our Newton’s Colour Wheel with launches to the education market Association for Science Education Conference 2016 at Birmingham University and then to the retail trade at The Toy Fair 2016.

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  • We combine virtual resources (our AR/VR offer) and physical products (diffraction glasses, colour wheels and eclipse glasses).


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The phenomenon of the moon aligning with the sun results in the creation of a black hole surrounded by a ring of light that attracts people all around the world. The sun during the eclipse looks like a hole carved in the vast expanse of sky. The total eclipse is even more awe-inspiring and thrilling to the spectators. For a few minutes, everything gets irrevocably transformed. The sun becomes a black disk. The temperature goes down. Planets become visible in the oddly dark sky. 

The incident seems so exciting even in its narration, right? Imagine the level of thrill you will experience seeing it with your own eyes. That would be one of the unforgettable moments of your life. However, you need special glasses for it as staring at this marvel directly can trigger a burned retina problem called solar maculopathy or retinopathy. This can cause permanent loss of vision. 

About Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar Eclipse Glasses were made by Alan Sheridan, who founded Education Harbour Ltd in 2008 after he felt the terrible need to fill the gap of some right products to render the field of science more accessible and fun to kids. Rainbow glasses for children are extremely popular in schools and party bags. Many other holographic diffraction products were designed and released until the moment of great feat happened in 2015 when the BBC selected Education Harbour Ltd eclipse glasses to cover for themselves. These glasses are also great for watching the early stage of a sunset or the later stage of sunrise and remember they are safe to look directly at the sun any time any day.Thanks to these amazing glasses, the kids were able to sight the miraculous happening live.

Why buy Solar Eclipse Glasses from Education Harbour Ltd?

Solar Eclipse Glasses are safe and are available in different size options, which are: Adult, Child, and XL. You can choose from a twin pack, 10 pairs pack, five pairs pack, or other options. These glasses with improved design are also utilized proudly by the BBC and noticed much in the coverage of eclipse in the UK, US, and Indonesia. 

Solar Eclipse Glasses from Education Harbour Ltd. filter out 100 percent of damaging ultraviolet and infra-red and 99.997 percent of intense visible light. The product comes with a detailed instruction guide to safely use it. With these glasses staring at the sun is safe and so cool. 

Well-Tested Glasses Delivering Amazing Results

These glasses were tested at Durham University starting from UV 190 nm till 1100nm and validated to permit only 0.2 percent of visible light. Solar Eclipse Glasses are also good for watching and enjoying sunsets and for any event where you need to stare the sun in its face!

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with what you receive, you can get in touch with the organization with the order information within 30 days. The company endeavours to settle whatever issue related to the purchase you may have. All orders with the completed payment that are received before 1500 hours on Monday to Friday, excluding a bank holiday, would be sent on the same days. After this time slot, orders that the company receives would be sent the following working day. The majority of the packages are sent either 1st Class, Royal Mail, Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded, or International Airmail signed for. Big orders are dispatched on a two-day service using Interparcel. Upon your request, other delivery methods might be made available. 

If you have any queries, get in touch with the company and get them resolved in no time. Grab your Solar Eclipse Glasses now to watch the moon kiss the sun!

  1. Are Solar Eclipse Glasses safe for children? 

Yes, Solar Eclipse Glasses are safe for children and were thoroughly tested at Durham University. 

  1. Are these Solar Eclipse Glasses delivered at home too? 

Yes, interested parents and guardians can buy these Solar Eclipse Glasses and get them delivered to their doorstep.

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