25 October 2022
Safely Watch the Moon Kiss the Sun.

As used on every BBC tv eclipse coverage since 2015. Call free on 0800 756 9788. 

About Us

Education Harbour Ltd was founded by Alan Sheridan in 2008 after six years in science communication left him frustrated by the lack of some of the right basic products to make science fun and more accesible. The first product rainbow glasses for children remain popular in great schools and are just as popular in party bags. Several other holographic diffractions products followed until a breakthrough in 2015 when the BBC chose our eclipse glasses for their own coverage. Thousands of children watched the eclipse safely thanks to our hard work. The rest of 2015 was spent working on the development of our Newton’s Colour Wheel with launches to the education market Association for Science Education Conference 2016 at Birmingham University and then to the retail trade at The Toy Fair 2016.

New Arrivals

Are you a PACEY member?

At Education Harbour we want to continue making education fun for more children. This is why we offer exclusive offers for PACEY members.


What We Are About

  • We love science and want to use it to create great products
  • We want our customers to get more enjoyment from studying
  • We want our customers to get more from partying
  • We combine virtual resources (our AR/VR offer) and physical products (diffraction glasses, colour wheels and eclipse glasses).


We offer our wholesale customers great service and attractive prices and ensure that they are first to know of new innovations.


We are actively seeking international distributors for all countries and offer great prices and co-branding opportunities.


View our resources to learn about various interesting concepts

If you have any query, please contact us

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