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We would like to comfort all of our customers that our glasses are complant to all safety standards for directly observing the sun at any time subject to the safe use guidance printed on the glasses. This is why the BBC has chose to purchase our glasses and give them to school children who they could film watching the eclipse. We provided standard and extraordinary certified verification to them that proved the safety of our product and hope to be able to upload this certification to our site soon. In the meantime you will see on the page for our eclipse glasses excerpts from BBC filming in 2015 (UK) and 2016 (Indonesia). Neither the sun, nor the eyes have changed since these events and you too will be safe.


Between August 4 and 24 we will be in USA to witness the eclipse first hand. Most of our products will continue to be available for next day delivery at www.amazon.co.uk. Intermitently we will be responding to emails but this may have small delays as we move around and find wifi.


Education Harbour Ltd was founded by Alan Sheridan in 2008 after six years in science communication left him frustrated by the lack of some of the right basic products to make science fun and more accesible. The first product rainbow glasses for children remain popular in great schools and are just as popular in party bags. Several other holographic diffractions products followed until a breakthrough in 2015 when the BBC chose our eclipse glasses for their own coverage. Thousands of children watched the eclipse safely thanks to our hard work. The rest of 2015 was spent working on the development of our Newton’s Colour Wheel with launches to the education market Association for Science Education Conference 2016 at Birmingham University and then to the retail trade at The Toy Fair 2016. See our Toy Fair TV Interview below:


This new product also sees the theme of the company moving more towards the ‘Science Meets Magic’ theme which will drive the development process as we continue to seek ways to better serve our customers. Our partnership with Octagon Studio adds Augmented Reality to our portfolio of fun, learning products and takes us into the heart of the tech arena. Looking ahead to 2017 we will be repackaging the Octagon Range to SRP for the retail trade and are delighted to have improved our eclipse glasses even further with longer arms and cool USA/UK flags – designed ready for UK tourists to take to America and enjoy the total eclipse on 21 August 2017 or even August, 21, 2017. We hope that everyone has a great day.

We are delighted to announce our appointment as the UK Distributor for Octagon Studio Ltd. Their amazing range of augmented reality flaschards bring learing to life for SPACE 4D+, DINOSAURS 4D+, ANIMALS 4D+ and OCTALAND 4D+ Occapation Series 1 and, coming soon for biology fans ‘HUMANOIDS 4D+. Download the apps for free on IOS or Android and buy the Flashcards, which represent amazing value and provide a learning experience that truly is awesome. Click to see how busy we were at New Scientist Live 2016 https://www.facebook.com/alan.sheridan.magpie/videos/10208846193065735/