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We are a brand leader at keeping the family safe when looking directly at the sun either for that magic sunset or awesome solar eclipse with size options from Young Explorer to XL for wearing over prescription spectacles. That's why time and again the BBC has featured our products in eclipse coverage.

Since 2008 our Rainbow Diffraction Glasses for Children are great party bag gift and can be found in the science box at our best primary and prep schools.

Unique to us our Newton’s Colour Wheel explores how our eyes perceive colour and includes some real science meets magic effects when the disc spins to reveal new colours and different shapes.


'Science Meets Magic’ is  theme that continues through our ranges with holographic glasses that produce words and phrases around lights. Seen to be believed is the best way to describe the effect whether looking at street lights or the torch on your smartphone.

We were the first UK Distributor for Octagon Studio Ltd and have some amazingly priced clearance items for DINOSAURS 4D+, ANIMALS 4D+ and OCTALAND 4D+ Occapation. Download the apps for free on IOS or Android and buy the Flashcards, which represent amazing value and provide a learning experience that truly is awesome.

Critical Information – ISO 12312-2

We would like to comfort all of our customers that our glasses are complant to all safety standards for directly observing the sun at any time subject to the safe use guidance printed on the glasses. This is why the BBC has chose to purchase our glasses and give them to school children who they could film watching the eclipse. We provided standard and extraordinary certified verification to them that proved the safety of our product and hope to be able to upload this certification to our site soon. In the meantime you will see on the page for our eclipse glasses excerpts from BBC filming in 2015 (UK),  2016 (Indonesia) and USA (2017). With different size options for the whole family we are ideally placed as your eclipse watching ally.

Natural History Pack

USA Trip 2017

The Great American Eclipse in 2017 was unbeknown to us the last total eclipse that we got to visit before lockdown. As this situation eases we look forward to the next eclipse watching events and helping to keep the whole family enjoying these amazing natural occasions.


We offer our wholesale customers great service and attractive prices and ensure that they are first to know of new innovations.


We are actively seeking international distributors for all countries and offer great prices and co-branding opportunities.


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