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About Us

Education Harbour Ltd offers leading eclipse glasses to safely look directly at the sun, cool rainbow diffraction glasses for children and in Rave Glasses for brightening up even further your festival experience. Unique to us is our magical Newton's Colour Wheel and Spiral Holorgram Glasses. As the original distributor for Octagon Studio we now have some clearance lines at great prices.

Diffraction Glass
Newton's Colour Wheel
USA/UK Eclipse Glasses
Octagon Studio's 4d

New Arrivals

Are you a PACEY member?

At Education Harbour we want to continue making education fun for more children. This is why we offer exclusive offers for PACEY members.


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  • We love science and want to use it to create great products
  • We want our customers to get more enjoyment from studying
  • We want our customers to get more from partying
  • We combine virtual resources (our AR/VR offer) and physical products (diffraction glasses, colour wheels and eclipse glasses).


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Delivery & Return

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