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  • Teachers can take advantage of our 33 pairs for £15 offer by emailing or faxing and we will send goods with an invoice. The exact same product as featured on the BBC News Tim Peake article on 23 June 2016 and in the Thatcher Joe youtube video.
  • These amazing and unique Holospex Diffraction glasses featuring patented technology and images of London's most famous buildings and sights really come to life when worn at night and looking at any distant light - street light, car light, traffic light, aeroplane coming in to land, shop spotlights - and above and below each light words will appear.
  • Get in the mood and let your eyes catch the groove with these cool, Spectrum Design 3D Diffraction glasses. See the world as you never before through a, simply gorgeous, rainbow haze.
  • Fabulous glasses! wow amaaaaazing! These amazing glasses with their secret message that is only revealed when looking at bright, distant lights has been developed as a 'reward' product for 'Great Effort in Science' or great fun for science fans at firework displays.
  • Spiral Diffraction Glasses

    Spiral Diffraction Glasses to make the best party, rave, festival or firework the very best ever!