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    • Animals 4D+ Augmented Reality Flashcard 26+6 Cards
    • An A-Z of your favourite animals will come alive on your screen.
    • Works in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet - not Hudl
    • Great product, amazing App
    • Fun Learning at the edge of technological innovation
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    Introducing the Cars 4D+; a set of Augmented Reality flashcard set depicting various types of cars and automobiles. Scan the individual cards to reveal the many vehicles ranging the alphabet. From the letter A represented by the Ambulance to the letter Z for the Zoo Transporter, learn about the cars’ history, virtually take them for a ride and put your driving skills to the test by overcoming various obstacles provided within the app.
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    Humanoid 4D+ Kit

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    Have you ever wondered how your voice box works? Or how thousands of tiny receptors on your tongue help you distinguish all sorts of different flavors? Introducing the Humanoid 4D+, an educational augmented reality app designed to provide colorful and interactive depictions of the human anatomy along with its various systems and how they work.