Education Harbour Rainbow Diffraction Glasses


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Teachers can take advantage of our 33 pairs for £15 offer by emailing or faxing and we will send goods with an invoice. The exact same product as featured on the BBC News Tim Peake article on 23 June 2016 and in the Thatcher Joe youtube video.


Party Bags, Science Party, Classrooms, Clubs or Firework displays these amazing diffraction grating lenses really do add colour to your day or night. This listing allows you to buy just one single pair of our Children’s size rainbow diffraction glasses or save money by using the drop-downs to order either twin packs, twenty pair packs, thirty-pair packs or fifty-pair packs. They were designed in-house and come complete with positive educational messages about the science behnd the fantastic effects seen through these amazing glasses. Used in may leading schools, friday lectures at the RI and by leading youtube and Strictly Come Dancing 2018 star ThatcherJoe – Featured by the BBC News with a Tim Peake feature on Primary Science on 23 June 2016 – you really should also vote for us!

Described as ‘a prism that you can actually wear’ they are great for parties and lessons from light to the electro-magnetic spectrum. Most good schools, and Oxbridge, have a pack amongst their resources.
Whether for school or party bags, be sure to keep them safe for when watching fireworks as this type of glasses are called Firework Glasses in the USA and you will soon see why.

ThatcherJoe – a top star on YouTube – recently discovered how cool our glasses are and featured them in his video log on 27 May 2016 – see for yourself at

They also feature in the Royal Institution Friday Discourse on 31 January 2014 with Prof. Judith Howard. See the image of some of our eminent scientists enjoying their diffraction experience. If you like Child Genius you will recognise the venue.

Schools can take advantage of our 33 pairs for £15 offer by emailing or faxing with school details and we will send goods with an invoice.

This video also shows our glasses and is courtesy of our client Special Additions and their client Sublime Science.

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Single Pack – £0.95, Twin Pack (+0.72), 1000 Pairs Pack (+£298.80), One Hundred Pairs Pack (+£44.52), Thirty Three Pairs (+ £13.44), Thirty Pack (+ £14.52), Ten Pairs Pack (+£6.24), Fifty Pair Pack (+ £25.32), Twenty Pairs (+ £10.92), Two Thousand Box (+ £795.60)


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