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The Educational Pack includes: Space 4D+ Cards and the Humaniod 4D+ Kit by Octagon Studio. To view more the full product description for each product please click on either of the links below:

Space 4D+ Cards

Humanoid 4D+ Kit

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Space 4D+ Cards

Embark on a fantastic space exploration experience with Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio. Space 4D+ is a collection of 37 educational AR flashcards about space including the solar system, planets, space objects, satellites, rovers, and space missions. Download the Space 4D+ app on App Store or Google Play Store for free, scan the cards. See the solar system and the planets come to life in Augmented Reality. PLEASE CHECK DEVICE COMPATIBILITY (SCROLL DOWN) IF NOT IOS – MOST, BUT NOT ALL, ANDROID DEVICES ARE FINENOT DIRECTLY COMPATIBLE WITH AMAZON FIRE HD – REQUIRES A WORKAROUND TO PUT GOOGLE PLAY STORE ON THE TABLET FIRST. NOT AT ALL COMPATIBLE WITH TESCO HUDL OR THE TABLE FURTHER DOWN.  To activate the Space 4D+ cards, users are requested to register a serial number that is attached on the instruction card. One serial number can be used on three devices in total. After registering the serial number, the user can scan the cards using Space 4D+ App to start discovering.
Humanoid 4D+ Kit
Have you ever wondered how your voice box works? Or how thousands of tiny receptors on your tongue help you distinguish all sorts of different flavors? Introducing the Humanoid 4D+, an educational augmented reality app designed to provide colorful and interactive depictions of the human anatomy along with its various systems and how they work.This visually driven app will help you discover a lot of things about your body, including how your digestive system converts the food you eat into energy, how your skeletal frame helps you run, jump and even perform flashy somersaults, and a whole lot more!BODY SYSTEM INTERACTION CARDS

  • Cardio & Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Integumentary System
  • Muscular System
  • Skeletal System
  • Nervous System
  • Urinary, Endocrine and Immune System


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