Solar Filter for Camera and Telescope


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Do You Want To Look at the Sun through a Camera or Telescope?
The protective film that we offer is made by Baader and I offer this in sets of 10cm squared for £5.00 minimum charge which will get one 10cm x 10cm area of film sent to you. Further sets are £3 per set. This is a premium Solar viewing filter made in Germany CE approved with the world famous Baader AstroSolar Safety Film providing safe views with the highest possible optical quality. The importance of true colour – with AstroSolar the Sun appears in it’ s real colour – neutral white. Other films and most glass filters produce a blurry bluish or reddish Solar image, thereby cutting part of the spectrum.

The base material is a special 12-micron, tear-resistant foil with excellent optical characteristics, a spin-off from space and nuclear research high density ripstop films. It features a double layer of vapor-deposited aluminum these superimposed layers of metal provide an optimum uniformity of the filtering layer. The thickness of the aluminum layer is continuously verified by opto-electronic means.

The metal layer reflects 99.999 % of incident light and transmits only 0.001 % (one hundred-thousandth), corresponding to welder’s glasses of optical depth 13, according to current medical knowledge, filtering action at this order reliably rules out any possible thermal damage to the retina (thermocoagulation). The film can be used on cameras or telescopes.


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