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    Introducing the Cars 4D+; a set of Augmented Reality flashcard set depicting various types of cars and automobiles. Scan the individual cards to reveal the many vehicles ranging the alphabet. From the letter A represented by the Ambulance to the letter Z for the Zoo Transporter, learn about the cars’ history, virtually take them for a ride and put your driving skills to the test by overcoming various obstacles provided within the app.
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    Dinosaur 4D+ Cards

    https://youtu.be/21vLaX9x5YoDinosaurs 4D+ gives you the prehistoric experience of unleashing extinct Dinosaurs which dwelt millions of years ago on Earth right before your very eyes! Pair the App with Dinosaurs 4D+ flashcards and watch as the 3D Dinosaurs leap out from the flashcards in Augmented Reality. NB: works with most i0S and Android Devices but not Tesco Hudl or any device that does not have a gyroscope. PLEASE CHECK DEVICE COMPATIBILITY (SCROLL DOWN) IF NOT IOS - MOST, BUT NOT ALL, ANDROID DEVICES ARE FINENOT DIRECTLY COMPATIBLE WITH AMAZON FIRE HD - REQUIRES A WORKAROUND TO PUT GOOGLE PLAY STORE ON THE TABLET FIRST. NOT AT ALL COMPATIBLE WITH TESCO HUDL OR THE TABLE FURTHER DOWN.  
  • These amazing and unique Holospex Diffraction glasses featuring patented technology and images of London's most famous buildings and sights really come to life when worn at night and looking at any distant light - street light, car light, traffic light, aeroplane coming in to land, shop spotlights - and above and below each light words will appear.
  • Colour wheels Newtons Colour Wheel
    Science Meets Magic with Newton's Colour Wheel by Education Harbour Ltd.   Features super spinner and seven (7) pre-printed discs; each with a special effect. Recreate Sir Isaac Newton's colour wheel experiment and see colour disappear completely from the disc or combine to form different colours entirely. Another disc with straight lines magically turns into a circle and a spiral disc seems to go out to infinity. The set also includes a bonus 'Spin-the-Bottle' disc free which can be used for a variety of reasons from deciding who clears the dishes to whose turn it is to go online and order another set. See our Toy Fair TV Interview click here
  • See 'Heart Shapes' around every light. Seeing is Believing! Happy Eyes Holospex Diffraction Glasses™
  • Let's make the animals starve no more! One pack of Animal 4D+ Food Series contains  five (5) food cards: Banana, Grass, Flower, Mosquito, and Carrot. Developed specifically for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, users can feed the animals  by combining both the Animal 4D+ flashcards and  Animal4D+ Food cards engaging with Animal 4D+ App. This feature gives you more than just having an elephant on the palm of your hands. Launch the Animal 4D+ App and tap the banana icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen to start feeding the animals.
  • 1 Pack  - This set will allow you to sample the product and see for yourself what a fun and flexible resource this. Order today - you will probably recieve it tomorrow. Great service on an amazing product.
  • Spiral Diffraction Glasses

    Spiral Diffraction Glasses to make the best party, rave, festival or firework the very best ever!
  • Get in the mood and let your eyes catch the groove with these cool, Spectrum Design 3D Diffraction glasses. See the world as you never before through a, simply gorgeous, rainbow haze.
  • Teachers can take advantage of our 33 pairs for £15 offer by emailing or faxing and we will send goods with an invoice. The exact same product as featured on the BBC News Tim Peake article on 23 June 2016 and in the Thatcher Joe youtube video.