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We are offering pairs of Red/Cyan Anaglyphic 3d Glasses with arms to suit adults or children in an economy pack of 1 pair or 20 pairs for even greater savings.

The frame design is plain white which is ideal for the user to personalise them with their own design from the most simple of writing your own name on the frame to something more creative and artistic. Or just leave them as they are they will still work just as well.

When you have received them and used them for whatever purpose you bought them for come back here and click on the 3D image that we have alongside this listing – it is our favourite. Or put this search term into Google ‘3d picture red blue’ for hundreds of cool images to explore.

These glasses suit 90% of all 3d films and prints but it is your responsibility to check that these glasses are the correct format for what you want to watch or look at. We will not accept returns of this product. Some of the more recent films in Cinemas use ‘Linear Polarized’ with the lenses appearing more like sunglasses with no colour differentiation between each lens.


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